Check out a Bowie oldie in the Hot 100 and a Queen hit that sounds like Elvis

spaceoddityThis week in rock music, we see Fall Out Boy topping the charts again plus a lot of oldies getting prime-time on the radio.

“Space Oddity” is in the Hot 100.

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Even though it’s a 1969 single — and one of Bowie’s finest — the Spaceman hit is in the charts again, competing with Bowie’s “Lazarus.” Grab some tissues and splurge on some incredible rock that totally deserves to be in the Hot 100 and played over and over again, for days.

Fall Out Boy climbing the charts…again.

“Irresistible,” the latest single from Fall Out Boy’s American Beauty/American Psycho featuring Demi Lovato, is a fantastic example of the band’s movement toward pop and pop-rock blend. “Irresistible” is probably Fall Out Boy’s most pop-like song on the album, so it’s no wonder it’s in the Hot 100.

Speaking of songs being overplayed on the radio…

Remember Sixpence None the Richer, the Christian rock band with incredible lyrics and folksy melodies? Well “Kiss Me” has been playing almost nonstop on several of my local rock and variety stations, but I’m not complaining — this 1997 single was the band’s biggest hit and definitely worth listening to if it’s been awhile. Recommended for dreamers and the romantic types.

Remember that Queen song that sounds like Elvis?

Believe it or not, Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” from their eighth album The Game definitely sounds like an Elvis classic. Queen frontman Freddie Mercury manipulates his voice in such a way that the average listener might think he was listening to Elvis croon, not the king of arena rock sing one of Queen’s most popular singles. Fun fact:  Mercury wrote the song while in a bubble bath at the Hotel Munich, which explains the light, feel-good, bubbly nature of the song.

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