Music I’m Feeling This Week (Jan. 22)

wolfaliceWell 2016 couldn’t have gotten off to much worse of a start for the world of music. So far though, I’ve been able to find at least one album to be released that I’m enjoying, and other than that, I’ve got a good mix of old and new going on this week with my listening pattern. Here’s a look-see:

Mystery Jets: “Midnight’s Mirror” and “Blood Red Balloon”

I never previously got into this band but I decided to give their new album Curve of the Earth a listen and like much of what I’ve heard. I’ve given the album a few listens this week, and these two tracks are probably my favorites. The vocal melody on “Blood Red Balloon” at first is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.”

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Honeycut: “The Day I Turned To Glass”

I noticed this band while checking out an upcoming “New Music For Old People” feature and was intrigued by what I heard, so I decided to listen to more of them. This is from their 2006 album of the same name. I’m having mixed reaction so far towards the album, but I dig this funky track.

Wolf Alice: NPR Tiny Desk concert

I’ve become a fan of this band over the past year, as I’ve said before. They performed stripped-down versions of three songs from their debut album My Love Is Cool in this set, and it turned out really well, particularly the country-ized version of their single “Bros”. Singer Ellie Rowsell looked a little uncomfortable in what must have been somewhat of an awkward setting to perform, but she and the band nailed it here. They’re well-known in the U.K., and hopefully their Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance will help them get more publicity in the U.S. and elsewhere.

David Bowie: “Sound and Vision”

I think everyone over the past couple of weeks dusted off some of their favorite old Bowie songs. I know I did. One of my favorites is “Sound and Vision,” which hasn’t left my rotation since I brought it back out after hearing of his death. It’s a song you could play on endless loop all day and not get tired of.


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