Get chills watching Springsteen’s tribute to Glenn Frey

You won’t be able to watch this without being moved. Last night, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band broke into a cover of the Eagles’ “Take it Easy.” A slow version led by Springsteen’s growl and the sound of the crowd joining in is about as good of a tribute to the late Glenn Frey as you can get.

The show took place in Chicago, and a fan captured part of it on film:

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“Bruce Springsteen owns New Jersey,” writes the LA Times, and “the Eagles embodied the bell-bottomed, feather-haired flair of Southern California.”

Both are integral parts of rock history. And it’s moving to see the greats bid one another farewell. As Quirk wrote recently, all the recent deaths are a wake-up call to enjoy classic rockers while we can. They won’t be here forever.

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