David Bowie, a sick Italian cover, and a sour throwback

The worst and best news of the week is David Bowie released his newest album, Blackstar, but passed away peacefully Monday morning. As Bowie enthusiasts everywhere pour out their condolences for the venerable rock star, it’s only right to honor Bowie in this week’s music picks.

The new stuff:

Lazarus / Blackstar, David Bowie. Check out “Lazarus” from Bowie’s new album Blackstar. It’s the song everyone is talking about: not only is the music video just as chilling as the lyrics, many regard “Lazarus” as a song written by a man who knew he was dying. One of the greatest tributes you can offer up to Bowie today is listening to and then meditating on “Lazarus.”

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I Love You All the Time / Zipper Down, Eagles of Death Metal. The song is as upbeat and flamboyant as the album art is scandalous. While the guitar work in this single is especially noteworthy, the tune is catchy and reminiscent of a 70s/80s Queen or Def Leppard classic, so for any oldies fans, this is definitely a new hit to check out.

FUN FACT: Eagles of Death Metal are exhorting rockers everywhere to cover the song in honor of the Nov. 11 Paris attacks.

The sour throwback:

Lemon Parade / Lemon Parade, Tonic. How about a grunge-y 90s throwback to start your week? But the song “Lemon Parade” is far sweeter than its name might suggest: the songwriter muses on how his loved one might have grown up, concluding with determination to protect her from the world. The album of the same name from which the song came, Lemon Parade, is one of Tonic’s finest and definitely worth listening to in all its sweet-and-sour glory.

The sick Italian cover:

The Rockin’ 1000 have done it again. After convincing the Foo Fighters to perform in their hometown of Cesena, Italy when they covered the band’s hit “Learn to Fly” in July 2015, the 1,000 Italian musicians decided to cover one of the Foo Fighters’ newest singles: “St. Cecilia.” This time, the Rockin’ 1000 asked Foo Fighters fans everywhere to record themselves singing the song, and then synced all the recordings together into one mega cover. Their incredible video sends chills down your spine: don’t leave this post without watching it.

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