Song of the Day: Bruce Springsteen – “Jungleland” (live in Sweden 2012)

The late great E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons would have turned 74 years old on Monday, and we’re going to remember him by thinking of one of his trademark solos. Born to Run is an album filled with epic moments, and the sprawling nine-minute-plus “Jungleland” might be the most epic of them all. Clemons stole the song with his soaring solo, which is easily one of the greatest moments on an all-time classic album. Springsteen stopped playing the song live for a time after Clemons’ death in 2011 until Clemons’ nephew Jake joined the band in 2012. This video is from a show in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2012 during which “Jungleland” was performed for the first time since Clarence Clemons’ death. When Jake joins the band for the solo, it’s an amazing and moving moment (begins just after the five-minute mark). It’s hard to believe The Big Man has already been gone almost five years.

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