Song of the Day: David Bowie – “Modern Love”

One more goodbye for David Bowie from the Song of the Day corner today as we revisit his 1983 hit “Modern Love”. I once read somewhere that some hardcore Bowie fans cringe when they think of his pop-oriented/Let’s Dance era; I don’t know if that’s true or not, but for me, a few of his most memorable songs came from that time. “Modern Love” is my favorite from that era of Bowie, one of my favorites overall by Bowie and one of my earliest memories of him. I first heard the song via MTV at an age to young to know much of anything, but I knew I liked the song, and as a little kid, I liked the balloons that fell onto the audience in the video, which was filmed at a concert in Philadelphia. It’s a timeless tune and one of many examples of proof of Bowie’s ability to adapt to a different genre and shine — He went pop, for a time, but “Modern Love” proved he could do it as well if not better than anyone.

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