Song of the Day: Led Zeppelin – “Kashmir”

Happy birthday to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who celebrates his 72nd birthday today. While there are obviously so many signature Page moments we could go with as a Song of the Day, we’ll pick “Kashmir,” which is one of Page and Zeppelin’s most epic, unique and memorable creations. Page created the sound while experimenting with a particular guitar tuning, while he and Robert Plant came up with the lyrics to the song while traveling through the Sahara Desert. In spite of the song’s setting, the band had never been to Kashmir before creating the song. The song wasn’t a huge hit at the time in terms of chart position, but it has obviously endured as a fan and critic favorite over the years. Rolling Stone rated “Kashmir” as the fourth-best Zeppelin Song in 2012, while Spin rated the song as the No. 2 Zeppelin song in 2014.

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