Rocknuts Insider: Chilling 911 call, death in R&B and a 60-Disc Box Set?

Here’s a look at today’s biggest headlines:

1) The Offspring’s back catalog worth $35 million. NME reports that a music right company named Round Hill has bought the rights to most of The Offspring’s back catalog. That cool $35 million doesn’t even include rights to the band’s biggest sellers: ‘Smash’ and ‘Ignition.’ “We felt that having the right caretaker for our catalogue, both the masters and the publishing, is incredibly important to the future of our career,” the band’s lead singer Dexter Holland said in a statement. “Round Hill understands that we are continuing to perform and record and that the visibility of our past is critical to our future.”

2) A 60-disc box set. There aren’t many acts who can fill 60 discs with music. Elvis Presley does it easily with his 1956-1977 albums (as well as three CDs of rarities). The gigantic box set, dubbed “Elvis Presley – The Album Collection,” is due out March 18th. The box set will also come with a 300-page book. More on Rolling Stone.

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3) Motorhead catapults onto Billboard for first time. Its been 35 years since “Ace of Spades” came out. Now, in the wake of frontman Lemmy Kilmister’s death, the song has landed on the Billboard. That’s the first time in history Motorhead has found itself on a billboard list. It’s currently on Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs chart (No. 12) and Rock Streaming Songs chart (No. 24). “It’s also landed at No. 8 on the Hard Rock Digital Songs chart with 8,000 downloads sold – a 2,151 percent surge,” Loudwire reports. In other news, Lemmy fans are petitioning scientists to name a newly-discovered element after him. More than 25,000 people have signed a petition to dub the element “Lemmium.” More on UCR.

4) Courtney Love does Radiohead. I never get sick of seeing rock stars cover Radiohead’s ’90s anthem Creep. Courtney Love just did it over the weekend at a private party in L.A. Rocknuts needs invited next time. Fortunately, someone caught the song on video:

5) Saying goodbye to Nicholas Caldwell. In sad news, the cofounder of The Whispers, Nicholas Caldwell, passed away of congestive heart failure on Tuesday. He was 71. The Whispers recorded more than two dozen albums after their founding in San Francisco in 1963. One of their most famous songs was “And the Beat Goes On.” (via Rolling Stone)

6) Chilling 911 call. When The Wildabouts frontman Scott Weiland (formerly of Stone Temple Pilots) passed away on his tour bus on Dec. 3, it was his bandmates who found him and called 911. Without identifying who was speaking on the phone, police have released a transcript of the call. “I, I think he’s dead,” a man said. “He’s not moving. He’s stiff, his whole … I mean, he’s like hard as a rock right now, not moving … there’s no breath. There’s no nothing.” It’s difficult to read the words. RIP, Scott. Rock misses you.

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