Song of the Day: David Bowie – “I’m Deranged”

It’s a big day for David Bowie, who celebrates his 69th birthday today and also releases his new album Blackstar. I had a difficult time settling on a Song of the Day for this day; I went through some of my Bowie favorites (“Sound and Vision,” “Modern Love,” “I’m Afraid of Americans,” “Young Americans,” and several others) before picking this one. I went with this because 1.) It’s awesome and 2.) It fits with what I’ve read about Bowie’s new album, which Vulture describes by saying “Praise be; Bizarro Bowie is back.” The song is from Bowie’s 1995 album Outside and was used to accompany the opening and closing credits of the David Lynch film Lost Highway, which was a very fitting choice given the fact that people are still trying to figure out the movie two decades later.

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