Columbia House Coming Back As Vinyl Subscription Service

columbiahouseAccording to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Columbia House mail-order service is making a comeback. New owner John Lippman, who recently bought the remains of the business at a bankruptcy auction, has said that with the recent resurgence of vinyl, consumers need new avenues and choices for its acquisition.

In terms of pricing structure, Lippman has hinted not to expect the old pricing model, meaning you won’t be getting 10 records for one dollar. Sounds like something more “lucrative” will be put into place.

This is a bold and interesting move considering that some of these services already exist, like VNYL and Vinyl Me, Please. To attach some interesting stats, according to the RIAA, vinyl sales were up over 50 percent in the first half of 2015. And, per Nielsen Music, vinyl album sales were up 30 percent year-to-date through the week ending Dec. 17. So it seems that the demand is there, but can Columbia House do it right? Do we need another subscription based distribution service? I love my vinyl but I buy directly from labels and support the Mom and Pop record shops.

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