5 new rock songs you can’t miss

David Bowie, Lazarus

I’d probably be happier with the instrumental versions of Bowie’s latest stuff. His vocals just seem to rip me out of the groove his music creates. Still, you can’t call yourself a rock fan without keeping up with him.

Cage The Elephant, Too Late To Say Goodbye

Here’s a band that’s finally living up to its potential. Such a beautiful, haunting song.

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The Arcs, Fools Gold

A badass new rock band fronted by Black Keys singer and guitarist, Dan Auerbach. “Everything you do is for sale,” he crones in Fools Gold.

Of Monsters And Men, Wolves Without Teeth

It always takes me a few listens to get into their songs. Once they sink your teeth into you, though, they remind you what good music does: it pulls you out of your mundane existence and makes you feel something.

Twenty One Pilots, Heavydirtysoul

This duo out of Columbus mixes just about every genre you can think of. Hearing and seeing them do it live is pretty remarkable:

What’s your favorite song out of these five?

3 comments to “5 new rock songs you can’t miss”
  1. Fuck, I have to edit my “Best Of List.”

    Fred, if you love Bowie’s sound but find his vocals hit or miss, check out Low (if you haven’t already).

    Highest ratio of instrumentals/vocals in his catalog.

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