End Of The Year Album Dues

baronessbannerAs a journalist-writing for two sites mind you-a lot of albums come my way. So many that even if I want to review them it’s hard to get the chance. With this column I’d love to give these bands some of the acknowledgment they deserve. This will consist of a quick paragraph, a link to a real review, and a song to entertain you. These are some albums that slipped through my fingers that need their dues. So without further ado, I give you the ones that got away.

1. Baroness – Purple
It’s a shame that this album had to release when it did. Baroness’ Purple is easily one of the top metal albums of the year with driving song structures and singer John Dyer Baizley’s James Hetfield-like vocals. Just as Yellow & Green was impressive yet accessible, Purple follows the same template of universal appeal.

2. Dorsal Fins – Mind Renovations
Dorsal Fins take an interesting mix of art and indie-pop to create a interesting mix of 80’s based new wave and Talking Heads’ like grooves. Not a typical Rocknuts band but catchy nonetheless.

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3. Born of Osiris – Soul Sphere
Again, not your typical Rocknuts band, Born of Osiris is heavy and technical. Deathcore and progressive metal define their sound as well as their fourth album Soul Sphere. A huge wallop that may push some listeners out of their comfort zone.

4.Dirty Streets – White Horse

If anyone has ties to classic rock on this list, it has to be Dirty Streets. A nice blooze rock barrage of classic tones. White Horse showcases the band’s growth and impressed me more then Blades of Grass.

5.The Myrrors – Arena Negra
An enormous undertaking, The Myrrors’ Arena Negra is a burning, psychedelic desert. With only four tracks on the album, Arena Negra is an album that requires multiple listens to really absorb.

Photo: “Baroness Coachella 2010” by total13 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/total13/4576610586/. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Baroness_Coachella_2010.jpeg#/media/File:Baroness_Coachella_2010.jpeg

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