Violent Femmes to release first LP in 15 years

gordonganoThe Violent Femmes will be making a return to full-length albums as they announced their first LP in 15 years on Thursday.

Femmes frontman Gordon Gano announced that the band would be releasing We Can Do Anything on March 4th, their first album since 2000’s Freak Magnet. The band released an EP, Happy New Year, in April 2015.

Click here for more on the album at A track list is below:

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1. “Memory”
2. “I Could Be Anything”
3. “Issues”
4. “Holy Ghost”
5. “What You Really Mean”
6. “Foothills”
7. “Traveling Solves Everything”
8. “Big Car”
9. “Untrue Love”
10. “I’m Not Done”

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