Song Of The Day: Sleater-Kinney — Bury Our Friends (2015)

Rich Karfilis recalls: Wow, saw these guys play this on Colbert the other night and it blew me away. What a great song, nicely structured into three sections, with dynamic rhythm patterns, kicking guitar interplay, exciting vocals and a lyric that crackles with meaning:

Exhume our idols and bury our friends
We’re wild and weary but we won’t give in
We’re sick with worry
These nerve less days
We live on dread in our own gilded age

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After eight years on hiatus, this January album represented a pretty groovy return to the scene for Sleater-Kinney. I think they’re better than they ever were. And how about Carrie Brownstein? Is there anybody else in the country with both a critically acclaimed album and TV show?

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