Review: Half Moon Run – “Sun Leads Me On”


halfmoonrun-sunleadsmeonIf they’re not there already, Half Moon Run feels as if they’re on the cusp of something special. They come close to putting it all together Sun Leads Me On, a collection of impressive rock tracks and stirring anthems that is worthy of any rock fan’s attention.

Sun Leads Me On is the second album from the Canadian indie band and a positive step forward from their fine debut album Dark Eyes. Sun Leads Me On covers a wide range of ground stylistically as you’ll hear hints of Fleet Foxes, Eagles or Beatles-esque ballads, Radiohead (in part because frontman Conner Molander sounds somewhat like Thom Yorke at times when he hits high notes), and an occasional dose of country, folk and electro-pop here, among other influences.

When it’s at its best, Sun Leads Me On is a stirring piece of music that shows a potentially formidable band capable of great things. Even the album’s more pedestrian moments often wind up turning into something exciting and rewarding. There’s an occasional track that doesn’t quite fly as high as the others, but there’s certainly more hits than misses on Sun Leads Me On, and maybe a few potential big singles as well.

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The album begins with the soothing “Warmest Regards,” one of those aforementioned Beatles-esque tracks:

“Consider Yourself” is an example of the band’s exploration into synth-driven rock. It may feel slightly out of place at first, but it develops into a soaring rocker.

There are several songs on Sun Leads Me On that could classify as highlights, but perhaps the catchiest and the one that stands out as a song that could have some legs as a hit is the anthem “Everybody Wants.” It’s an easily accessible, melodic and likable song that starts out modest before becoming bombastic by the end.

There’s much to like on this album, which cements Half Moon Run as a band to keep a close eye on in the future. You’ll be hearing much more from them down the road.

Release Date: Oct. 23, 2015

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