Electric Eye share new tune “Bless”

With Electric Eye’s 2013 Pick Up, Lift-off, Space, Time being such an impressive debut, it goes without saying that we’re very excited about follow up, Different Sun.

Different Sun will be available on February 5th, 2016 on Jansen Plateproduksjon, but Electric Eye has been gracious enough to give us a taste with “Bless.”

“Bless” conjures the mood of a sun soaked, psychedelic desert. Guitars streak like comets and planets across a crisp night sky. Frontman Øystein Braut warps his vocals in an out of the song as drums drive a mighty rhythmic shuffle.

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Get excited Rocknuts’ fans as I’ve been granted an interview with frontman Øystein Braut. We’ll talk about everything from Different Sun influences, what it’s like to be a Norwegian psychedelic band, and many other things. But, until that happens I give you “Bless.”

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