Song of the Day: Rush – 7 And 7 Is

Christopher Tahy recalls: Record Store Day started doing something really great in 2013 — the mystery side-by-side 7-inch. While there are demystified versions, the mystery versions have partnered artists such as The Grateful Dead covering Dr. John, Hüsker-Dü covering The Ramones, and finally Rush covering Love. Now imagine how bad ass it is when you are not expecting to get Rush and Love split — it’s pretty bad ass. Love’s “7 And 7 Is” is already a perfect rock song but when you put Rush on top of that, it’s tough to deny a perfect fit. Geddy, Alex, and Neil are at the top of their game and echo the genius of Arthur Lee. If Love isn’t a band that your familiar with, then I suggest you educate yourself.

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