Song of the Day: The Black Keys – ‘Act Nice And Gentile’

Christopher Tahy recalls: The Black Keys’ Rubber Factory is one of the most underrated albums in the band’s catalogue. Recorded in a former tire-manufacturing factory in Akron, Rubber Factory still has the scrappy, lo-fi, garage blues bite that drove The Keys’ authenticity. What also makes Rubber Factory a bold album? Well, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney choose to end the album with a Kinks cover. “Act Nice And Gentile” takes The Kinks song and slows it down a bit, making it even jauntier than the original. It’s one of my favorite Black Keys song and a great album-ender. In a world where the Keys slip further and further into over produced popularity, their first couple of albums are there as solace — Brothers isn’t too bad.

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