Song of the Day: Cold Warps – “Science Fiction”

Christopher Tahy recalls: When I was first faced with Cold Warps I didn’t know what to expect. So when Canadian label Noyse Records stepped in to press Cold Warps’ self-titled EP as well as their follow up Endless Bummer – originally only on separate cassettes – it was pure magic. Cold Warps have a lo-fi, garage, pop-punk sound that as dumb and fun as it is catchy. These guys aren’t to be taken seriously and the recording couldn’t be better for it. One of my favorite songs on the album, “Science Fiction,” might as well be a Mean Jeans song and is an audible joyride from beginning to end. “Send my clone out to die/Got black stuff coming out my eyes” is just a bit of a taste of what to expect. Even the little guys have their times to shine, you just have to know where you look. Hopefully we’ll end up hearing more out of Cold Warps – check ’em out.

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