U2 invites local Scottish fan onstage during performance

bonoScottish local Jacqueline Dickson enjoyed the ultimate fan privilege of dancing onstage with U2 frontman Bono during U2’s concert in Glasglow Nov. 6 as part of the legendary rock band’s Innocence + Experience World Tour.

When Bono pulled her up onstage during the band’s performance of “Mysterious Ways,” Dickson enthusiastically danced her way across the stage, singing along and finishing the song with a hug from Bono. During the band’s next song, “Elevation,” Dickson received a camera to film the band.

She told the Edinburgh News, “It was like a dream to be on stage with the band. I absolutely love them! I’ve seen them in many different cities but you can’t beat the Scottish crowd. Just wow. It was amazing. At one point when I was watching Adam Clayton and The Edge playing Elevation, I was thinking ‘Yep, I have died and this is heaven!’ I can’t describe it.”

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But Dickson is not the only U2 fan to share the spotlight with the band. At each concert during the Innocence + Experience tour, U2 has treated randomly chosen fans to a few minutes of fame onstage with the rock idols. U2 is now hosting an online poll to decide which one of those fans will join U2 on stage in Paris for a concert broadcasted by HBO on Friday. Anyone can vote here.

You can watch Dickson and Bono dance here:

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