Song of the Day: Viet Cong – “Death”

Christopher Tahy recalls: The band Viet Cong is actually in the process of changing their name. After a show was canceled due to response over the band’s “offensive” name, the band finally decided to change it (story here). But, before the name change, and even the band Viet Cong, there was the band Women. Post-punkers Viet Cong actually and tragically rose out of the ashes of Women as guitarist Christopher Reimer passed away in his sleep in 2012 at age 26. Women’s tragic end was something that gave birth to one of the best debuts of 2015. With two members of Women, Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace, along with Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen Viet Cong was released January 20th, 2015. The final track on the album, “Death,” takes the entire album’s concepts turning it into an 11-minute finale that in its own weird way could rival Swans. Passages sprawl, drums extend, minds zone-out, and yet it all holds the listener’s attention. Viet Cong is the positive at the end of a negative so I suggest that you do yourself a favor and listen to one of the finest album enders released by a band this year.

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