Song of the Day: Electric Eye – “Tangerine”

Christopher Tahy recalls: With many bands exploring psychedelic music more and more these days, it gets harder and harder to find a sound with originality. So when I heard Norwegian band Electric Eye’s 2013 debut Pick-Up, Lift-off, Space, Time, it was an album that seemed so familiar yet original at the same time. “Tangerine” has to be one of the more exciting and interesting tracks on Pick-Up, Lift-off, Space, Time. With its complex structure, it could almost be re-titled “See Emily Play Within In You/Tomorrow Never Knows.” The heavy influences from Barrett-era Floyd, along with its nod to The Beatles, become apparent immediately. Just when you think the track is running out of steam, its nine-minute bulk is reinvigorated with the vigor and enthusiasm of mid-period Who. I wanted to put these guys on Rocknuts radar because they’ve announced an album Different Sun for worldwide release on February 5th, 2016. So, keep your “eye” on the site around the end of the month. Something “electric” could be happening.

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