In A Nutshell Review: Motel Beds – Mind Glitter

4.5 OUT OF 5 NUTS!

motelbeds-mindglitterIt was my great pleasure to interview PJ Paslosky, lead vocalist for Motel Beds, about his group’s October release Mind Glitter. After getting my hands on a copy I can safely say that it was well worth the wait.

Motel Beds’ Mind Glitter is the most evenly produced and steady flowing album the band have released to date. What makes Mind Glitter so unique is its use of unconventional sounds when compared to today’s indie landscape. But with songs such as “Queens For The Summer,” “4AM,” “Paper Trees,” and final track “We’ve Killed More For Less,” the Beds maintain a connection with the sunshine 60’s and power-pop 70’s.

Mind Glitter is a versatile release that will appeal to all kinds of music fans. Beach Boys fans for it’s harmonic rays of summer sun, Weezer fans for it’s great and quirky use of rockin’ guitar, and Brit pop fans for it’s crunchy hooks. If there’s a record that deserves to make some end of the year lists, It’s the Motel Beds Mind Glitter. I know that it will be making mine.

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