Song of the Day: The Dodos – “Paint The Rust”

Christopher Tahy recalls: “Paint The Rust” is a great six-minute monster that’s put together by only a duo. Meric Long and Logan Kroeber had recorded one album prior to 2008’s Visiter, 2006’s Beware of the Maniacs. However, it was really Visiter that gained them a lot of critical acclaim. It’s a great album that spans 14 tracks in all, with one of the many standouts being “Paint The Rust.” It’s a jaunty yet hard-hitting tour-de-force that has its share of heavy drums, fist-pumping builds, and fast and furious slide guitars. If you like what you hear, I implore you to do some digging and get deeper into The Dodos’ Visiter. It’s quite the diamond in the rough.

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