Song of the Day: Liars – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack

Jordan Posner Recalls: Look, I discovered this song yesterday, and I’ve listened to it about 20 times since then. This is roughly where I am, mentally. I’ll discuss why I love this song in due time, but first a bit of credit where it’s due.

As a guy who is into music, I have weighed the options and decided that Spotify is the best software for me. Maybe they’re an evil company. I really don’t care. I also eat Subway sandwiches, and they hired an honest-to-God kiddie-porn enthusiast as their spokesman. I pay eight American dollars a month and get to have access to almost all the artists and albums in which I would ever have an interest. The bald spots (Beatles, etc) can be combed over adequately (iTunes).

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This is not an ad for Spotify. I cannot stress enough how I believe in zero things.

But every Monday, they supply me with a 30-song playlist that is specifically tailored to my tastes. I know it sounds like Pandora, but here’s the thing though: Pandora sucks.

This doesn’t. I’m not sure how the algorithm works (or how any algorithm works), but they’ve managed to strike gold since I started subscribing. This week, they threw me some deep cuts from Liz Phair, Beastie Boys and Elliot Smith, among other tasty nuggets. Some of these songs I am discovering for the first time, some I forgot about due to my college drug and alcohol abuse, but most of them are pretty durn good.

As a professional crank, I’ve always had an issue with anyone deciding what I ought to listen to. Who are they? They’re not me! I used to get angry with Pandora for thinking I liked Weezer more than I actually did (I kind of do). But Spotify is doing a great job so far. Honestly, it’s such a novelty for me to not hate something that I can’t help but be delighted.

My editor is giving me the “Get to the point” sign. 

Ah, yes, the song. So Liars have been a lot of things over the years, changing from dancepunk to ambient rock with the drop of an album. They’re a group dedicated to constantly evolving, and the result is a slightly uneven discography. When things align properly, however, Liars can really do some lasting damage. Check out the closing track to their record Drum’s Not Dead.  Restrained yet haunting, “Other Side” is a perfect end cap to what may be the group’s best record. I can’t stop listening. See if you can!

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