Man tries to listen to Rick Astley for 75 hours straight, fails


A 23-year-old choirmaster from England named Jack White (seriously) came up with a great fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. He planned to go on a 75-hour listening spree — playing the same song over and over again without speaking, reading, browsing the web or taking a bath.

He asked donors (who ponied up more than £6,000) to help him pick the most annoying song humanly possible. Their choice? Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’ Astley’s song beat out Frozen song ‘Let It Go and Eduard Khil’s ‘Trololo.’

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White barely made it 8 hours into the contest before giving up — though it wasn’t because Astley was driving him insane. It was thanks to vile comments from Internet trolls in White’s live YouTube stream.

“The comments that flooded the live stream were some of the most difficult, offensive and rude things that I have had to read,” White said in a Facebook video (per NME). “The fact that my family were at home completely defenseless reading it too made it incredibly hard for me to continue.”

“When my nephew tried to say hello to me via the stream and people started to attack him and JDRF, myself and the production team knew that it was time to act. Once the hotel location had been mentioned we felt that it was the right time to stop the stream.”

White’s brother took over the challenge and saw it through:

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  1. Switch that to “Rock Lobster” then maybe we’ll talk 🙂 What an interesting challenge for a great cause. It’s sad that internet jerks usually always win.

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