Song of the Day: LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

Jordan Posner Recalls: Make no mistake. This song is teasing you. And not in a fun, dirty way, either. It’s teasing like you would tease a dog by pretending to throw a tennis ball, and then laughing when the dog goes running, you sick fuck. Cowbell-playing leader James Murphy knows perfectly well that LCD fans are waiting for every song to explode into a high-stimuli dance party, so he holds back for a little longer here. At every point when the song threatens to erupt into the groove it’s supposed to be, it just…doesn’t. And then it doesn’t again. But then it does!

But more on that later.

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Some would say that the numerous false starts in this song make the ultimate impact even greater. Not me. I’m an American, and I want everything right now and piping hot. Academically, however, I can see the point in delaying the inevitable. Logically, you know the drums are going to come in, but for every second that they fail to displace the light percussion of the first half of the song, a secret fear begins to grow within you. What if the drums have gone away forever?

By the way, I am picturing a family of drums getting in a station wagon in the middle of the night to make a secret escape.

Papa Bass drives the car stoically; he knows he has to keep it all inside for the sake of the Tom twins. Mama Floor Tom tries to gloss over the situation for the kids. 

“We’re just going to spend some time at my sister’s house until the C-Y-M-B-A-L-S have moved out. Won’t that be fun?”

Nobody’s buying it. Papa Bass grips the wheel. “I could drive this car off a cliff right now and nobody would ever know,” he thinks bitterly. 

Wow, that got super weird. The point is, the drums haven’t gone forever. They just take a while to show up.

Check it out!

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