List: A Boy Scout is Loyal, Trustworthy, Brave, and Rocking

jimmorrisonbannerAfter going on a camp out over the weekend with my son, it inspired me to write this list. Also, what are the chances that our Facebook page would run a picture of Jim Morrison’s Boy Scout uniform kept at the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame? This list was something that I had to do. Are there any of your favorites here? And if you know more than I do, please tell me who else should be here. “Be prepared” to always keep rocking rocknuts.

1. Jim Morrison
As I said in the intro, it is known that the “Lizard King” himself was a Boy Scout. I’ve seen the uniform.

2. Jimmy Buffet
Before lost shakers of salt and “Cheeseburgers in Paradise,” Buffet donned the boy scout uniform. In an interview given with Men’s Journal Buffet is asked, “What’s the handiest survival skill you have?” His reply: “I’m a pretty good field medic. From my Boy Scout days I can patch people up. I can do stitches, which comes in handy in remote surf breaks.” While Buffet isn’t the most rockin’ persona ever, I think we have a soft spot for him somewhere — at least it do.

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3. Jimi Hendrix
If you haven’t read Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix by Charles R. Cross, then I suggest you try to remedy that. There’s a passage within that reads “That Fall at Al’s (His father) urging, Jimi tried out for junior football. His coach was Booth Gardner, who decades later would become Washington’s governor. ‘He was no athlete,” Gardner recalled. “He wasn’t good enough to start; to tell the truth, he really wasn’t good enough to play'” Jimi was also briefly a member of Boy Scout troop 16.” For that a brief of a stint, it still counts for me.

4. Paul McCartney
Sir Paul was a member of the Scouts, attending camp in July 1957 in the village of Hathersage in Derbyshire, England, along with his brother.

5. John Lennon
Lennon also attended the same camp as McCartney as a member of 3rd Allerton Scout Group.

6. David Bowie
Bowie was a Scout who happened to have his first public musical performance at Scout camp.

7. David Gilmour
While there isn’t a huge amount of information, Gilmour was also a Boy Scout.

8. Keith Richards
Saving one of the best for last, our good friend Keef. Keith Richards was an avid Scout and even a squad leader. In Richards’ biography, Life, he’s quoted as saying “It was mainly a chance to swagger around with a knife on your belt.” Classic Keef.

Photo credit: “Jim Morrison 1969” by Elektra Records – eBay itemphoto frontphoto back. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

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