Jonny Greenwood updates Radiohead’s album status, future tour

jonnygreenwoodAn interview given to a Russian radio station on Thursday by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood got fans of the band excited over the possibility of their new album might be completed, but Greenwood took to Twitter to calm the enthusiasm a bit.

An interpretation of the interview that appeared on Reddit claimed that Greenwood had said the band’s new album was completed and that a tour would take place in 2016. Greenwood said on Twitter that the interpretation was incorrect, then clarified what was said during the interview.

Still, it sounds promising that something new from the band could be right around the corner. A tour would certainly be icing on the cake. A new studio album from the band would be their first since 2011’s The King of Limbs.

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  1. I cannot take it anymore but I’m a patient man. I hope to see them for a 4th time. If you haven’t seen the I recommend it.

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