Song of the Day: Audioslave – “Cochise”

Christopher Tahy recalls: The first time the world ever laid ears on Audioslave was on October 14, 2002. Partnering Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) with Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tim Commerford (three members of Rage Against the Machine) Audioslave helped shape a lot of modern rock as we know it. The song that started it all, “Cochise,” is based on one of the last Native American chiefs to die free and absolutely unconquered. When several members of his family were captured, tortured, and hanged by the U.S. Cavalry, Cochise declared war on the entire Southwest and went on an unholy rampage — some “nice” history with your rock. Whether Morello’s guitar mimics a roller coaster or a helicopter, the song and riff still take off and remain strong in the best way possible.

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