Three Cheers For The Little Guy: 3 More Small Labels To Pay Attention To

Well Rocknuts fans, we find ourselves here again for another installment of “Three Cheers For The Little Guy.” There are so many labels out there today – major and indie – and these little guys are helping to change the face of music on a daily basis. With very little overhead and some interesting creative directions, these indie labels can push some great sounds. So please, sit back, read, listen, and share. Enjoy everyone.

Joyful Noise Recordings

One of my favorite labels over the past couple of years. For a little Indiana record label, they’ve partnered with many impressive artists. Those artists include Kishi Bashi (member of Of Montreal), Sebadoh, Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s, Surfer Blood, Half Japanese, Reptar, Joan Of Arc, Yonatan Gat, Sleeping Bag, David Yow (The Jesus Lizard), and many others. There have also been a slew of limited specialty releases from bands like Melvins, Dinosaur Jr., of Montreal, Daniel Johnston, and Deerhoof. If you’re into vinyl, they never skimp on impressive wax releases too. Joyful Noise is one to check out as their primary goal is to build a bridge between the sounds of noise and pop.

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Dirt Cult Records

While this Portland, Oregon label (originally started in Las Cruces, New Mexico) has a small amount of saturation in the music world, they still most definitely deserve your attention. Their roster includes bands such as Big Dick (Taken from a Nomeansno song of the same name), Blank Pages, Canadian Rifle, Other People, Cancers, Sweatshop Boys, Baby Ghosts, Iron Chic, Der Faden, Earth Girls, BullNettle, and more. Since their inception in 2006, Dirt Cult has been able to grow by putting things out for 50 punk and hardcore bands from around the globe. To learn a bit more here’s a interview from 2013 that did with founder Chris Mason. Click here.

Drag City Records

Drag City has always been a interesting an cryptic label. When you go to their about section, the description you get is “Our version of music. Guaranteed to satisfy the most tolerant listener.” That has to be reassuring in some way right? This Chicago based label was founded in 1990 and has released some of my favorite albums to date since becoming a music journalist. Those include Wand’s 1000 Days, Ty Segall’s impressive double album Manipulator, and White Fence’s For The Recently Found Innocent just to name a few. With the huge and interesting experimental indie music roster they’ve compiled, there’s something for everyone.

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