New supergroup born: Pearl Jam + Soundgarden + Queens of the Stone Age


Members of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age have been collaborating. The result? A supergroup dubbed Ten Commandos.

Who are they?

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Ben Shepherd: Soundgarden
Matt Cameron: Pearl Jam (and formerly, Soundgarden)
Alain Johannes: Queens of the Stone Age
Mark Lanegan: Screaming Trees (and Queens of the Stone Age)
Dimitri Coats: Off

The group released their first single on Friday, “Staring Down the Dust”:

Based out of Seattle, the group will release a full album with Monkeywrench Records in November. From the band’s website:

Ten Commandos started early August 2008 after a conversation between Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) and Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age) following a memorial concert for Natasha Shneider (Eleven). Alain had the idea to write and record songs using Matt and Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden, Hater) as the rhythm section. The three convened in Seattle in late 2008 and for 7 days and wrote the bulk of the record. Matt and Alain’s schedules cleared up enough in the spring of 2014 to finally finish the songs in Seattle. With the addition of Dimitri Coats (OFF!, Burning Brides) on guitar, the band entered famed Studio Litho with engineer Don Gunn. In the summer of 2014, the band finished recording at studio 11ad in Hollywood CA. All members contributed in the writing of the record. Guest musicians include Mark Lanegan (Staring Down the Dust), Nikka Costa (Come) and legendary guitarist Peter Frampton (Sketch 9).

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