Song of the Day: The Virginmarys – “Ends Don’t Mend”

Christopher Tahy recalls: When I received The Virginmarys’ King Of Conflict I was already predicting disappointment. I have no idea where these preconceived notions came from because, this trio set me straight. The guys are pure energy and guitar wankery, but it’s wankery done right. Don’t let the 14-minute time frame of “Ends Don’t Mend” scare you as the meat of the song is featured over the course of the first 7 minutes. This is a bold statement to make but “Ends Don’t Mend” is the all-encompassing big rock finish that only helps the album further. It’s “Let There Be Rock,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You.” and “Smoke On The Water” all wrapped into one. While your opinions may differ I suggest you do yourself a favor and check out the full album. King Of Conflict is the real deal and I cannot wait to see what The Virginmarys do next.

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4 comments to “Song of the Day: The Virginmarys – “Ends Don’t Mend””
  1. As I hope you’ve already heard, the Virginmarys’ new album is forthcoming! They recorded it at Rockfield Studios with Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, The Pixies). Loved this description of Ends Don’t Mend, my personal favorite from King of Conflict! I’m sharing to the Official Virginmarys Fan Community on facebook. Thanks!

  2. Cannot wait for the new album. The new tracks they played on their last tour need to be in a hard format asap to be played loudly in the car. Hoping they play the opening track from their last tour at one of their upcoming 2 headline shows.

  3. One of my favourite tracks off the King of Conflict album! From what I’ve heard live of the new tracks, their second album is gonna blow me away too! Two weeks til I get to see them live again, the best way to hear this powerful rock trio!

  4. Triple threat !. So much talent This band has the technical expertise and passionate emotive energy of legnds . Bright future ahead guaranteed .

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