Parental Discretion Is Advised: 5 Songs That Have A Curse Word In The Title

parentaladvisoryjpgSometimes music is freeing, crass, and many more things too. But, there’s one thing that can add to that — the almighty curse word. While these songs have harsh language during the song, I opted to look for some actual song title that contained curse words — sorry Nazareth, son of a bitch isn’t the actual song title. They’re a bit more difficult to find and I thought it would be great to hear about what your favorites are. So please Rocknuts faithful give me your best, filthy, curse-y, song titles. If there are any children out there about to see this, please avert your eyes. Have some fun with this one Rocknuts.

Elton John – “The Bitch Is Back”

Considered one of Elton John’s best “hard rock” cuts, “The Bitch Is Back” is a fantastically groovy classic. Because of the word “bitch,” it is said that the song was banned on many radio stations across the world.

Modest Mouse – “Shit Luck”

A classic tune that comes off a classic album, Lonesome Crowed West. “Shit Luck” is a hard-hitting power trip of everything going wrong. With riffs that seem circular and guitars that blare like alarms, it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album and when talking about Lonesome Crowed West, that’s saying something.

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The Kills – “Fuck The People”

With all this Allison Mosshart and Dead Weather talk over the past few weeks, it really made me want to show the rocknuts faithful where Mosshart gets her roots from. The Kills are a hard hitting, greasy, “blues” duo consisting of Mosshart and Jamie Hince. Keep On Your Mean Side is a hell of a debut and “Fuck The People” is a hell of a song. It’s simple, it’s groovy, and it feels good to say, “Hey, fuck the people.” Need I say more.

Buckcherry – “Crazy Bitch”

Making a list like this, Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” has to be here. While I’m not Buckcherry’s biggest fan it would be a sin if this crazy lover-inspired rocker wasn’t here.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Fuck Shit Up”

Finally, rounding out my list is an interesting track put out by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. While the studio track off Now I Got Worry is an interesting Dub Narcotic “slow jam” cover. The live version off Controversial Negro as well as Dirty Shirt Rock N’ Roll: The First Ten Years is a one-minute, 40-second rocker that I suggest you try out if you want to loosen up and care less.

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