Song of the Day: The Kills – “Pull A U”

Christopher Tahy Recalls: With news that The Dead Weather isn’t touring behind their new album Dodge An Burn. One reason for that is Allison Mosshart – lead vocalist for The Dead Weather and The Kills – is working on a new Kills album. This album will be their first release since 2011’s Blood Pressures. Blood Pressures was an interesting album in that it matched very little with their original core sound, opting for more a beat-driven form. “Pull A U” from their debut album Keep On Your Mean Side is a simple shot of dingy, garage blues that hits like a punch in the stomach. When the world had its fair share or garage bands and duos back in 2003, The Kills managed to be a dark grease spot that stood out. If you haven’t heard Keep On Your Mean Side then it’s a recommendation for sure.

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