Song of the Day: Metric – Monster Hospital (2005)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: A great pedal-to-the-metal, anti-war shouter from the under-appreciated Canadian alt-rockers. Although Toronto is the band’s base, and they are one of the top bands in Canada, they are really more of an international outfit. Lead singer Emily Haines holds dual Canada/U.S. citizenship, since her father was the renowned American underground beat poet Paul Haines. Lead guitarist and co-writer James Shaw hails from the UK, while the rhythm section hails from the land of stars and stripes.

The band’s rootless heritage suits their wandering creative output, from soft acoustic ballads to synth-heavy dance beats to full-on rock and roll. They are deserving of much more love stateside. Either that or Canadians are just hipper and cooler people than Americans.

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