This Day In Rock History: Aerosmith bails fans out of jail

aerosmithYou can’t say Aerosmith never bent over backwards to do something cool for their fans.

At a show in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1978, a bunch of police officers showed up and arrested several fans (reports vary in terms of how many) for drinking, smoking cigarettes, and possession of marijuana.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler didn’t like what he saw and was set off by the sight of his seamstress getting taken away.

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“By 1978, Aerosmith’s infamous drug use was taking its toll, and their live work then was notoriously sloppy and shambolic,” says the Fort Wayne Reader. “Nevertheless, the sight of the woman who handles his scarves being taken away by police seemed to rouse Tyler from his haze. He stopped the show and went on a rant — the words ‘scumbag’ and ‘gestapo’ were used in reference to the police. In turn, he was threatened with arrest for incitement to riot. Then, Tyler offered bail to anyone who was arrested.”

28 people took Tyler up on his offer, and the band wound up paying $4200 in bail and fines.

Photo credit: By Julio Aprea (Steven & Joe) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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