Song of the Day: Roy Wood – Wake Up (1973)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: As far as I know, this is the only song that includes a bowl of water as one of the instruments. What better way to illustrate the quirky genius of Roy Wood.

I got thinking about Wood when I saw the story that ELO was about to release its first new album in years. Wood and Jeff Lynne were members of The Move, a 60s UK band that pioneered layered vocals within a wall-of-sound Rock framework. It was Wood’s idea to create ELO, a Rock band that featured classical instruments. Wood himself played more than 17 instruments, not including the bowl of water. But he would leave ELO in 1972, and while Lynne would eventually take ELO to the top of the charts, Wood would end up toiling in relative obscurity for the next 43 years. That’s Rock & Roll, baby.

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