Song of the Day: Oasis – “I’m Outta Time”

Captain Quirk Recalls: The guys have been ripping Oasis on the Rocknuts message boards as of late, so I felt the need to let the world know there’s someone at this site who likes the band. I actually agree with the criticisms of the band — yes, they did their share of “ripping off” as Rich said, although Noel Gallagher has been kind of open about it, from what I can gather. Yes, they’re overhyped by the British press. Yes, it’s easy to understand why many might not like the arrogance of the Gallagher brothers, although I find them hilarious, especially Noel. Whether you like what he says or not, there might not be a funnier guy in rock than Noel Gallagher (case in point, sit through the hilarious video where he rips on Oasis music videos). Anyway, I decided to pick a song that I really like from their final album Dig Out Your Soul. Liam Gallagher actually wrote this track, and I like it because it shows a side of Liam different from his public persona, or at least makes you feel that way to some extent. It’s not innocent of the “borrowing” that the guys seem to have problems with, but I think it’s a terrific song.

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