Song of the Day: Primal Scream – Rocks

Jordan Posner Recalls: When you, dear reader, envision the phrase “balls to the wall,” what comes to mind? Hey, maybe don’t answer all at once. Slow down. Those are ugly, ugly words. Okay, maybe this was a bad idea.

What I’m trying to convey is that this song takes zero prisoners. I first became aware of Primal Scream while watching the 1994 film Airheads. The song “Rocks”  scores a fairly awkward sex scene. Then again, said scene features Adam Sandler, so perhaps awkward was par for the course. Upon watching the movie (which is still pretty fun these days and at least has a fairly excellent cast), young Jordan was struck by the raw sexuality displayed in this track. In fact, nine-year-old Jordan didn’t know what “raw sexuality” was, but was still bewitched by the visions of crash pads, nubile women and various smokables. Precocious future boy genius Young Jordan was aware of the various facets of rock and roll excess, but couldn’t even begin to put said shenanigans into a proper context. After all, it took him (me) 14 years to fully grasp the mechanics and logistics of the Led Zeppelin mudshark incident.* This is not a negative judgment. Ideally, no human on earth should truly know the madness of the Zeppelin mudshark incident (if you’re really interested, just follow the asterisk.)

Where were we?

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Yes, “Rocks.” Hey, this is a great song that sounds about 20 years older than it actually is. The bluesy guitar and whiskey-soaked vocals suggest a forgotten Humble Pie outtake. Not so! It is of the recent past! Check out the thoroughly-90s Primal Scream here, and then go back even further. Listen to 1991’s Screamadelica, which does not feature this song. You know, if you have time.  Like you have anything better to do. Yeah, you’re totally going to work out. Your treadmill is waiting. Seriously, let me know when that shit happens.

























































































*If you must know, they allegedly penetrated (at best) a groupie with a living mudshark. I am not proud to be re-entering this story into polite society. This is not suitable for people of any age. For what it’s worth, this story is probably not true. I just enjoy ridiculous tales of the macabre. Can you blame me?

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