Song Of The Day: Roderick Falconer — Play It Again (1976)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: Roderick Taylor is an American poet and long-time professor of Creative Writing at Stanford. He also wrote and/or produced several first-run film and TV productions. But in the mid-seventies he recorded a couple of amazing albums under the name Roderick Falconer.

His music was way ahead of its time. I remember one summer afternoon in 1976, my friend Reiner was on the air and began to play this song, and I’d never heard anything like it — the echo-drenched piano plus the crispness of the bass and drums accompanied by the soaring guitar.

Over top of this compelling song intro, in his deep smoky voice, Reiner gently intoned: “Play it again… and again… and again… and again….” It was an earth-stopping little moment that forever changed my perception of music. And now, a year since my friend Reiner put on his wings and danced away, I dedicate this hauntingly beautiful song and its profoundly fitting lyric to him. Play it again, old friend, wherever you are.

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mythical streets, star-struck Hollywood streets

and only the normal is unnatural

agony streets, ecstasy streets

competition streets like rivers of the rain


studio streets, the dream merchants’ beat

yesterday, and today and tomorrow

together a cast, in a magical mask

but everybody knew it just couldn’t last


oh play it again

it’s not that easy to do

it’s just like a song

once it’s been gone too long

the melody is likely to elude you


movie house, Noah’s Ark

take a seat, in the dark

Moses wants to sing with Mr. Jolson

we’re public enemies, for brief eternities,

who dance across the rooftops of the world

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