Three Cheers For The Little Guy: 3 Small Labels To Pay Attention To

Al Kooper has been doing a great job with his “New Music For Old People” column. While there are many new artists out there, there’s just as many labels too. Independent record labels that are pushing the very sound of tomorrow. Independent record labels that have no over head and push many of the sounds that they want. With that being said, I’d like to make this a regular column to alert all you rock nuts to the new growing labels of rock and beyond. It would please me if you would sit back, read, listen, and share. Enjoy everyone.

Castleface Records

When you click on the about page for Castle Face Records you get a description that reads, “CASTLE FACE RECORDS IS A CALIFORNIA LABEL RUN BY BRIAN LEE HUGHES, MATT JONES AND JOHN DWYER. HERE ARE OUR RECORDS AND EASY EVIL.” Now while I cannot tell you what “Easy Evil” means, I can tell you about one man, John Dwyer. Fronting one of my favorite bands, Thee Oh Sees, he and other Castle Face artists such as Ty Segall, Burnt Ones, White Fence, the Live In San Francisco series, and Blasted Canyons have been changing garage rock and psychedelic sounds for the better.

Bloodshot Records

Since 1994, Bloodshot Records has had the interesting position in introducing the “Country Punk.” Artists such as my personal favorite Murder By Death, Neko Case at one point, Steve Earle’s son Justin Townes Earle, Lydia Loveless, Ha Ha Tonka, Ryan Adams, and more. While the sound of Bloodshot Records doesn’t always favor the “Country Punk” sound, taking a listen to “I Came Around” by Murder By Death might give you a good idea of what your in for.

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Alive Naturalsounds

While I’ve given Alive Naturalsound props before during my Top 5 Artists List, I had to bring the focus back again. I said, “Neo-blues artists have sprung up all over the place and I’d really like to highlight a label that’s doing their best to procure modern day blues artists of many styles. It’s the label where Ohio’s own Black Keys got their start and where other Ohio artists Buffalo Killers started their impending rise.” While those are only two artists mentioned there’s always more: Radio Moscow, Left Lane Cruiser, Lonesome Shack, Blades of Grass, Beachwood Sparks, and John The Conqueror to name a few. Alive Naturalsounds is old blues for a modern day man.

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