Song of the Day: The National – “Sea Of Love”

Christopher Tahy Recalls: The National has always been a band that I’ve had a fake feud with. The reason you ask? Well it’s nobody’s fault but mine. In 2008 at Lollapalooza, I didn’t know it at the time, but The National would end up being one of my favorite bands later on. I think I even made a snide remark about who they where, and not caring about them. Fast forward to today and I’ve still not seen them live. However, all their albums usually grace my iPod. With elegance and exhilaration, The National have crafted some on the greatest indie rock songs to ever grace a music fan’s ears. Their song “Sea of Love” carries the same weight and majesty as High Violet’s stand out single “Bloodbuzz, Ohio.” That’s really saying something because their album High Violet could be a lot of music fans’ number one album for 2010. If this song excites you, then I suggest checking out my primer posted later in the week.

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