News: Ritchie Blackmore announces European dates to play “old rock stuff”

ritchie blackmoreRitchie Blackmore is a musician best know for his association with groups such as Rainbow, The Outlaws, and of course, Deep Purple. During an interview with, it appears Blackmore announced some general plans to play a few European dates next June.

To quote Blackmore, “I’m now 70, so I just felt like playing some rock ‘n’ roll for a few days,” he says. “We’re going to do four or five dates of just playing the old rock stuff, Purple stuff and Rainbow. I’m doing it for the fans, for nostalgia, and the singer I found is very exciting; he’s a cross between Dio meets Freddie Mercury. So this will mean exposing a new singer to the masses, and I’m sure he’ll become pretty famous because of his voice.”

One can only hope, but as of now nothing has been announced for the U.S. Blackmore will also be releasing an album with his group Blackmore’s Night (Blackmore and his wife’s medieval folk-rock outfit) on September 18th. “Will O’ The Wisp” off the album All Our Yesterdays can be seen below.

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Photo credit: By Nsoveiko (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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