Song Of The Day: Lenny Kravitz — Mr. Cab Driver (1990)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: I remember when I first heard this on the radio back in 1990, it was like the great musical nightmare of the 1980s was over. Punk rock had the sneer, but it didn’t have the swagger that was essential in what I knew as Rock music. Lenny brought an abundance of swagger, and with his arrival, suddenly it was OK to reference the sixties again, opening up a world of musical possibilities that the 1990s would eventually fulfill.

I’m including this track because I placed Lenny on my list of Top 100 Rock Artists of all time, and I got some pushback because of it. Sure, he has dished out a lot of dreck over the past 25 years, but I think he has earned a spot based on his originality and his position as a pioneer of 1990s Rock.

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