Keith Richards gives his daughters the go-ahead to snort his ashes

keithrichardsRolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards once said he snorted his late father’s ashes. According to The Mirror, his daughters have his blessing to do the same with him.

“I’ll give them a straw,” The Mirror quotes Richards as saying.

Richards said on two different occasions that he snorted the ashes of his father.

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“I opened dad’s ashes, and some blew over the table,” Richards said in 2010. “I asked, should I desecrate them with a broom? So I wet me finger and I shoved a bit of me dad up me f****** ‘ooter. I’m sure he’s still blessing me. The rest I put round a tree.”

Just Keith being Keith.

Photo credit: By SolarScott [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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