Rock List Revisited: The New Top 100!

jimihendri xA while back, our venerable and esteemed founder Sir Rocknuts  posted a list of his Top 100 Rock Artists, and then graciously asked the staff to present challenges to it. I made my dissent known, as did the other contributors to this site, but I ultimately decided that I should just make my own list. That took about five months. I’m not submitting this as an objective list of the best artists of all time. One person, as opinionated as I, could not possibly deliver a list that would do this idea justice. Rather, here is my list of the first 100 artists I could think of that weren’t horrible.

Let’s try this again:

How about my picks for the most influential and indelible? The hookcrafters and chorus-cobblers? Here are my top 100 contenders, in alphabetical order.

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Top 100 Artists of All Time

JP Classic Edition

  1. AC/DC
  2. The Band
  3. The Beach Boys
  4. The Beatles
  5. Beck
  6. Ben Folds Five
  7. Chuck Berry
  8. Big Star
  9. Black Sabbath
  10. David Bowie
  11. The Buzzcocks
  12. Can
  13. Nick Cave
  14. Eric Clapton, solo
  15. The Clash
  16. Leonard Cohen
  17. Elvis Costello
  18. Cream
  19. CCR
  20. CSNY
  21. dB’s
  22. Devo
  23. Neil Diamond
  24. Dire Straits
  25. Donovan
  26. Bob Dylan
  27. Electric Light Orchestra
  28. Brian Eno
  29. Flaming Lips
  30. Fleetwood Mac
  31. Fugazi
  32. Genesis
  33. Grateful Dead
  34. Guided by Voices
  35. Richard Hell
  36. Jimi Hendrix
  37. The Hold Steady
  38. Buddy Holly
  39. Husker Du
  40. Iron Maiden
  41. Jawbreaker
  42. Jefferson Airplane
  43. Elton John
  44. Robert Johnson
  45. Janis Joplin
  46. Joy Division
  47. The Kinks
  48. Kraftwerk
  49. Led Zeppelin
  50. Meat Puppets
  51. Mekons
  52. Minutemen
  53. Mission of Burma
  54. Mountain Goats
  55. Neutral Milk Hotel
  56. New Order
  57. New Pornographers
  58. Nine Inch Nails
  59. Nirvana
  60. Roy Orbison
  61. Pavement
  62. Phish
  63. Pink Floyd
  64. Pixies
  65. Queen
  66. R.E.M.
  67. Radiohead
  68. The Ramones
  69. Otis Redding
  70. Replacements
  71. Rolling Stones
  72. Roxy Music
  73. Rush
  74. Paul Simon
  75. Sleater-Kinney
  76. Patti Smith
  77. The Smiths
  78. Social Distortion
  79. Sonic Youth
  80. Bruce Springsteen
  81. Steely Dan
  82. The Stooges
  83. Superchunk
  84. Talking Heads
  85. T-Rex
  86. Television
  87. They Might Be Giants
  88. TV On the Radio
  89. Velvet Underground
  90. Violent Femmes
  91. Tom Waits
  92. Ween
  93. Weezer
  94. Wilco
  95. The Who
  96. Stevie Wonder
  97. XTC
  98. Yo La Tengo
  99. Neil Young
  100. Warren Zevon

Photo credit: By A. Vente (Beeld en Geluidwiki – Gallery: Hoepla) [CC BY-SA 3.0 nl (], via Wikimedia Commons

9 comments to “Rock List Revisited: The New Top 100!”
  1. You may not like them personally, but I can’t see how anybody objectively keeps Van Morrison, the Police or U2 off a list of the Top 100 Rockers of all Time.

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  3. Not an objective list. As specifically stated in the article, “These are my picks.” So why would I be in any way obligated to put an artist on this list that I don’t personally like? If I put the Doors and Van Morrison on the list, aren’t I just pandering to the masses, rather than telling you anything genuine about myself?

    It would be one thing if I claimed that this was “the result of hundreds of ballots and voting” a la Rolling Stone’s list, but I’m not saying that.

    I will concede that U2 should have potentially made the list, but I personally feel that they have none nothing of note (musically speaking) since 1991. One of my criteria was quality of work/chronological length of existence. U2 just isn’t consistent to me, and they don’t have enough good records for a band that has been around for 36 years.

    I encourage all of you to make your own list.

  4. I hope that you’re not seriously believing that the order of your choices regarding the “TOP 100” can be remotely accurate . My oldest son could have done better than the choices you made. Seriously, Seriously and your a critic of some sort. Hogwash I say !

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