Song of the Day: Sleep – “Snowblind”

Christopher Tahy Recalls: As a toast to Black Sabbath’s final tour being announced Thursday, I find it in good taste to play a band that “Hails Iommi.” Found here covering Sabbath’s “Snowblind,” Sleep is one of the most important sludge/stoner metal bands of the 90’s and today. Originally appearing on the Masters Of Misery – Black Sabbath: The Earache Tribute, “Snowblind” was also featured on the 2009 reissue of Sleep’s Holy Mountain. Sleep creates a heavy chug that moves steadily through the eardrums. While not a huge innovation over the original Sleep’s “Snowblind” cover does the right amount of justice to put a smile on the faces of Ozzy Osborne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward. Hail Iommi.

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