Song of the Day: Bob Dylan – Meet Me in the Morning

Jordan Posner Recalls: Bob Dylan is a classic American songwriter, a symbolist poet of the highest order, a troubadour who was destined to guide our nation through turbulent times, a pretty bad Jew, etc.

One thing he’s not is “sexy.”

And, even when Dylan was young and his piercing blue eyes could have dropped many complicated 60’s-style women’s underwear, he steered clear of the sexual aspects of rock and roll. Some of his songs were practically caked with innuendo, but he saved the overt sexual nature for the Rolling Stones and other, hornier bands of their ilk.

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Fast forward ten years, and Bob Dylan drops Blood on the Tracks, his most adult, his most final, his most heart-wrenching album in years. If we’re using rock albums as metaphors for actual life experiences, Blood is Dylan’s Rumours, in that it’s absolutely a breakup album. There’s no mistaking it for anything else.

And yet, “Meet Me in the Morning” is pulsing with energy and life. There’s nothing immediately great about the song itself. In fact, it’s just a standard blues progression, which I usually find kind of lazy. This song is no exception, really. It’s fairly lazy in the scheme of things. Something about Dylan’s vocal performance and the electric guitar-driven backing band keeps things nice and interesting. Dare I say, this is a Dylan song to set the mood? Sure it all boils down to “my baby done me wrong” shit exacerbated by Dylan’s recent divorce. But can we view this song, just once, without the lens of context? Can we just appreciate a balls-to-the-wall blues song filtered through the sensibility of one of rock music’s greatest treasures?

This begs the question:: What artists, that you fully appreciate on an intellectual level, do you also enjoy on a purely visceral level?


There’s always Mclusky. They’re the perfect combination of brainy and loud. How I love them.

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  1. Well, I struggled through barbed wire, felt the hail fall from above
    Well, you know I even outran the hound dogs
    Honey, you know I’ve earned your love

    Great song…

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