Rolling Stone, Pink Floyd inflatables, casts up for sale

For decades, an art studio in the UK named Air Artists has been making inflatables for many of the world’s largest rock acts. Now, the head artist has turned his attention to clay, and he’s selling off some of his most famous inflatables to make room in his studio.

“I’m sad to see them go but they very rarely see the light of day and so I would be quite happy for someone else to take them for a walk,” Rob Harries, founder of Air Artists, told the BBC.

Among the items up for sale?

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Herman the Hog from Roger Waters’ 1990 concert “The Wall” in Berlin. This gargantuan pig’s head is 47 feet wide by 70 feet tall.

The studio is also auctioning off another pig that was made for Pink Floyd after Roger Waters left the band (below).


The remaining members wanted a new pig that would not look like the old one. This pig was made anatomically correct to differentiate it from the old pig. Measures approximately 30′ long, 15′ tall and 8′ wide. Used Condition. Was never used in a concert as painted the wrong colour, however it is the original of the new pigs and is a perfect example of the pattern. Comes with road case 1.15m x 0.82m x 1.00m and fan Note: Needs minor repairs, Painting is worn

Another cool piece: A Brian May inflatable from The Magic Tour in 1986 (below). It’s one of four that were created for The Magic Tour.


All four (Brian May) inflatables of the band were released at Wembley with one leaving the stadium and later being found in a garden after an appeal on Radio 1 NOTE: Seam known to be split will require high frequency welding to repair, remainder of condition unknown

You could also own the casts Air Artists used to make the inflatables for the Rolling Stones’ Bridges to Babylon Tour. The white casts appear in front of the gold inflatable in the image below.


Bidding on the inflatables starts online at The Saleroom on Sept. 5. It’ll be interesting to see how much they go for!

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